Northern Tier 2019 - Payment 2

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This will be Troop 70's High Adventure for 2019.  We currently have 4 treks reserved but can drop 1 if we do not get enough interest.  This will be an amazing chance for the boys to experience the boundary waters between the US and Canada.  

Northern Tier

Our trek will be June 25-July 4.  Travel will take a bit so we will likely depart June 24 and return either July 4 or 5 depending on options.  We will be out of the Atikokan base and will group treks according to difficulty so don't worry that you will not be able to make it.  We ended up with a 9 day trek vs 8 so costs went up by about $70 each scout but this gives us an extra day on the water.  Expect costs to be just under $2000 all inclusive.

All payments will be non-refundable unless we fill and you are able to find a replacement crew member.

Fee schedule:

$100 - now

$600 - September 15, 2018

$600 - Jan 15, 2019

~$600 travel fees - Mar 15 2019