Adult Leaders

Troop 70 Committees

The Troop Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month in Ross Hall at Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church. All parents are encouraged to attend. Thanks to the following adults who have volunteered for the 2015-2016 year:

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Advancement Committee:

Registrar: Gloria Yang
Rank Advancement Coordinator: Indira Gudipally
Scout Merit Badge Coordinator: Sarvani Andhavarapu
Board of Review Coordinator: Sarvani Andhavarapu
Scout Store Gophers: Vicki Jessich, Sarvani Andhavarapu, Indira Gudipally


Administrative/Record Keeping Committee:

Monthly Campout Medical Forms: Vicki Jessich, _______________
Long Term Cam Medical Forms: Elizabeth Raiford, _______________
Adult Training: J.J. Jakubik, ________________________
Treasurer: Marc and Paola Pichik____________________
Round Table Rep: ____________________
Hospitality: Tish McKernan, _______________
T-shirts:  Indira Gudipally, Bing Tan


Communications Committee:

Newsletter: Joy Baldwin
Webmaster: Hong Su, David Abel
Mailing List: Gloria Wang
Shopping Cart: David Neahusan


Fundraising Committee:

Greenery: Karen Odama, Phyllis Overstreet, Shelly Aunspaugh
Camp Cards: 
Friends of Scouting: 


Service Committee:

Brown Santa: Gernert Family, ____________
Global Summit Stage: Chris Moose, _____________
Others: _____________, _______________


Recruitment Committee:

Webelos Woods: Lucy Humble, Tom Jefferson
New Parent Class: Elizabeth Raiford, Lucy Humble


Officers 2015-2016 Positions
David Painter Scoutmaster
Committee Chairs
Elizabeth Raiford Committee Chair
Marc and Paola Pichik Treasurer
Indira Gudipally Advancement Chair
Tracy Barba Merit Badge Coordinator
Need Volunteer Summer & Winter Camping Coordinator
Lucy Humble Camping Coordinator
Lee Deviney High Adventure Coordinator
Sarvani Andhavarapu Tour Permit Coordinator
Monty Humble, Mark Dennison Quartermaster Advisor
Tish McKernan Charter Organization Representative
Karen Odama, Phyllis Overstreet Fundraising-Greenery-Camp Card Sales
Lucy Humble, Tom Jefferson New Scout-Recruiting-Membership Chair
Jeremy Smitheal Patrol Advisor
Mike Brezinski Patrol Advisor
Need Volunteer Friends of Scouting Coordinator
Rene Gense, Kristy Alberty Chaplain
J.J. Jakubik Training Coordinator
J.J. Jakubik & DeWayne Aunspaugh Climbing Instructors
Jim & Kathryn Gernert Brown Santa
Chris Moose Global Summit Stage Build
David & Kate Painter Angel House
Vickie Jessich BSA Medical Forms
Need Volunteer Camp Cards
Paul Holstien Web Page Coordinator
Rank Coordinators
Need Volunteer Scout to First Class
Need Volunteer First Class to Life
Mark Clayton, J.J. Jakubik Life to Eagle
Assistant Scoutmasters
J.J. Jakubik Monty Humble
Jon Gehm  Tom Jefferson
Mike Brezinski Jeremy Smitheal
Lisa Rushing DeWayne Aunspaugh
Eric Seaberg Lynn Reed

Note: All troop policies and decisions are made by committee rule and cannot be changed, added to, or amended without the approval of the committee. Any and all issues, concerns, or recommendations must be handwritten and given to the committee chairman one week prior to the scheduled committee meeting.