Sea Base Galveston - Mar 16-19 - NON-SCOUT (Deposit)

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Scouts and Parents

The Troop 70 March Camp Out will be a scout and family trip to Sea Star Base (SSB) in Galveston from Saturday, March 16 - Tuesday, March 19.  See SSB info here:

Leaving Austin early Saturday morning, we'll spend 3-1/2 days in Galveston participating in merit badge activities including Small Boat Sailing, Small Power Boat, Kayak, Lifesaving, Nova Award and a 3-4 day High Adventure Sailing trip (for those that meet Troop 70's High Adventure requirements and meet the minimum qualifications that can be seen here:  Scouts not participating in the High Adventure Sailing will have an opportunity to earn up to two merit badges.  Final list of merit badge opportunities will be confirmed shortly.  Families will have access to various SSB activities.

All scouts will camp outdoors on the grounds ($10/night/scout).  Families will have the option to camp or stay in the dorms (Cabin room $25/night/person or Suite room $35/night/person).  Cabins hold 8 max and include 2 rooms, 4 bunks/room and one adjoining bath.  Suites hold 10-12 max and include 5 bedrooms, multiple bed arrangements, 2 baths and food prep area with refrigerator and microwave.  See dorm building layout below.

We need to know level of interest from Troop 70 scouts and families.  Final pricing for cost of merit badge programs will be provided shortly.