Troop 70's Brotherhood

The Order of the Arrow serves as Scouting's National Honor Society. More than 176,000 members strong, the Order oarecognizes Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. The OA helps strengthen troops by providing leadership training and by assisting in summer camp promotion, camporees, BSA high adventure bases, and other activities.

OA Brothers from Troop 70 are members of the Tonkawa 99 Lodge, Bee Cave Chapter. OA representatives will come to a Troop Meeting in early 2009 were the Scouts will learn about the program and election process of becoming a member. Overall the OA provides other service opportunities, recognizes camping and rank achievements, offers another Youth Leadership position, and enriches your overall Scouting experience. The Troop is proud to provide cheerful service to the Tonkawa 99 Lodge.


Purpose of the Order:

  • To recognize those campers -- Scouts and Scouters -- who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives, and by such recognition cause other campers to conduct themselves in such manner as to warrant recognition.
  • To develop and maintain camping traditions and spirit.
  • To promote Scout camping, which reaches its greatest effectiveness as a part of the unit's camping program, both year-round and in the summer camp, as directed by the camping committee of the council.
  • To crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose of leadership in cheerful service to others.


Mission of the Lodge:

  • The mission of the lodge is to achieve the purpose of the Order of the Arrow as an integral part of the Boy Scouts of America in the council through positive youth leadership under the guidance of selected capable adults.


OA Eligibility

Scouts are elected to the Order by their fellow Scouts, following approval by the Scoutmaster. To become a member, a youth must be a registered member of a Boy Scout troop and hold First Class rank. The youth must have experienced fifteen days and nights of Boy Scout camping during the two-year period prior to the election. The fifteen days and nights must include one, but no more than one, long-term camp consisting of six consecutive days and five nights of resident camping, approved and under the auspices and standards of the Boy Scouts of America. The balance of the camping must be overnight, weekend, or other short-term camps.

Adult selection is based on their ability to perform the necessary functions to help the Order fulfill its purpose, and is not for recognition. Selected adult Scouters must be an asset to the Order because of demonstrated abilities, and provide a positive role model for the youth members of the lodge.



The induction ceremony, called the Ordeal, is the first step toward full membership. During the experience, candidates maintain silence, receive small amounts of food, work on camp improvement projects, and are required to sleep alone, apart from other campers. The entire experience is designed to teach significant values.


Troop 70 OA Members 


David Painter (October 2015)
Crawford H (October 2015)
Tarun G (October 2015)
Rohan G (October 2015)
Matthew G (October 2015)
Ryan G (October 2015)
Luke B (October 2015)
Joshua M (October 2015)
Ryan R (October 2015)
Brian J (May 2015)
Jesse B (May 2015)
Keith M (May 2015)
Jacob S (May 2015)
Henry B (May 2014)
Brenham B (May 2014)
Conner B
(May 2014)
Kyle B
(May 2014)
Michael H (May 2014)
Monty Humble (May 2013)
Grant O (May 2013)
Jay D
(May 2013)
Jason Z (May 2013)
Jon G (May 2013)
Matthew G (May 2012)
Alex N (May 2012)
Glenn Bauries (May 2012)
JJ Jakubik (October 2011)
Byron S (October 2011)
Conner J (October 2011)
Cade D (October 2011)
Srikar A (October 2011)
Brent B (May 2011)
Ben G (May 2011)
Miles H (May 2011)
Nick H (May 2011)
Carter G (October 2010)
Byron S (October 2010)
Eric Seaberg (October 2010)
Kody A (May 2010)
Andy R (May 2009)
Arthur Puckett (May 1999)



Brotherhood Members

After 10 months of service and fulfilling certain requirements, a member may take part in the Brotherhood ceremony, which places further emphasis on the ideals of Scouting and the Order. Completion of this ceremony signifies full membership in the OA.


Brent B (April 2012)
Michael H (May 2011)
Clay A (May 2010)
David Abel (October 2009)
Alan R (March 2009)
Lynn Reed (March 1965)



Vigil Honor Members

After two years of service as a Brotherhood member, and with the approval of the national Order of the Arrow Committee, a Scout may be recognized with the Vigil Honor for outstanding service to Scouting, his lodge, and the community. This honor is bestowed by special selection and is limited to one person for every 50 members registered with the lodge each year.


Mark Clayton (October 1974)




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