Staffing for Campouts

Adult volunteers make it possible for us to do all the fun and exciting things that we do.  Campouts are no exception.  The boys plan their part of the campout, but the adults need to plan, organize and coordinate each campout or it just won't happen.  Fortunately, troop 70 adults share the work.  Volunteers for each campout must staff the following positions.  Ask the Scoutmaster, an Assistant Scoutmaster or Committee Member how you can help.

Campout Leader & Assistant

Usually the Scoutmaster and an ASM. They collectively act as the adult SPL and ASPL. They must attend each campout.

Old Goat Patrol Leader

The Old Goats need a patrol leader as much as the scouts do.  This person must be going on the campout.  This person will "report" to the Campout Leader and is "in charge" of all the adults.  This person works with the adults to come up with a Meal Plan and Patrol Duty Roster, and then helps to ensure the adults in camp know and remember what needs to be done, when and how.

Transportation Coordinator

The transportation coordinator is responsible for figuring out who is going on the campout, then working with the parents in the troop to ensure we have enough drivers to transport all the scouts to the campout and back.  This person also determines what trailers are needed on the campout and then identifies someone to pull the trailer(s) out to, and back from, the campout.  This person will be responsible for all the communications necessary to facilitate the transportation logistics.  It is highly recommended that this person attend the scout campout.

Health & Safety Officer (HSO)

Of course all the adults on the campout will be watching out for the health and safety of all participants.  The Health and Safety Officer takes that a step further by performing the following.

  • Prepare the Troop Medical Book and the Thumb Drive prior to the camp-out.  Ensure that all camp-out attendees have unexpired BSA Medical Records and Insurance Cards.  Briefly read through the medical history of the attendees to make sure the leadership team knows about any allergies, medications, or other issues.
  • Bring the Medical Book and the Thumb Drive to the campout and keep them handy.  Therefore, this person must be going on the campout.
  • Collect from parents any scout medications that need to be given out to scouts during the campout at drop-off.  Understand what they are and when they are supposed to be given out.  If the HSO feels uncomfortable dispensing any of these medications, raise it to the Campout Leader and they'll together decide what to do about it.
  • Familiarize yourself with the troop First Aid Equipment and be able to assist others in treating various first aid issues.

Old Goat Campfire Program Coordinator

This person will coordinate and lead the Old Goat Patrol's participation in the campfire program.  Therefore, this person must be going on the campout.

Reports to the scout playing master of ceremonies for the campfire program.

Camp-out Chaplain

This person works with the Chaplain and the Scout Chaplain's Aide before the campout to collect some graces and a "Scout's Own" program.  At the campout, this person coaches the Chaplain's Aide and SPL to do those--ensuring appropriate reverence is included in the camp-out.  Therefore, this person must be going on the campout.

Ice Meister

This roll requires an adult to arrange for back up ice for the Scouts and the Old Goat Grubmaster during the campout.   For a weekend event, adult can bring an extra cooler with ice that the Scouts will pull from when needed or they can run to a local store when informed by the SPL or ASPL that ice is needed.  This roll may require the individual to work with camping committee to locate a place to resupply ice prior to leaving for the trip.  Store runs would be required for longer trips.

Camp Photographer 

This roll requires an adult to bring their camera to the campout and take pictures of the Scout activities.  After the campout, in a timely manner, the individual must then work with the Web-miester to post photos to the Troop 70 website.

Troop Driver and Auto Information


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