Philmont Photos, July 2012

Day 9, 7/18/2012

Assistant Scoutmaster Eric Seaberg


So we woke up at 3:30...  And left with day packs at 5.. .  Miles and Clay set a blistering pace that was dripping most of the crew.  We regrouped and proceeded as a team. The remaining buildings of the black house mine made for good pictures.  As we reached the tree line we started to see more wildlife.  Several deer and a couple grouse. The last part of the climb was an exposed rock field.  Srikar very slow going up, but made it.  Clay was of course wearing his formal wear.  He drew lots of attention and pictures with that suit.  In fact, he was the talk of the trail for the rest of the day.  We summitted at 8:30. An then of course, we took pictures and a nap. 

I warned them of a hall storm that would come at 9:45.  And it happened.  I started waking  them up with pea sized rocks and maybe up to quarter sized rocks.  All who waked up helped with the others.  Byron was last and really took a pelting.  Later in the day he still had rocks in his pockets.  Started down from the summit at 10:30.  Srikar slower going down than going up.  But again he made it.  They decided to ridge walk, but the clouds were building and with the weather the was it was it the afternoon the last couple of days,  we decided to get of the ridge as cut down to a trail cross country.  Very step decent through a forest.  We finally made it to the trail and cruised into Copper park. 

We went on to French Henry which had good programs.  First was gold panning.  Byron and Ben had more fun splashing than panning.  Then came  blacksmithing which was fun.  The blacksmith had quite the tongue and had no problem keeping the boys in place.  We collectively made a J hook.  The flowers here were really nice.  We then took a tour of the mine.  The guy giving us the tour was good.  He started out by showing us how bad the timbers were, lots of rot. We donned hard hats and went in.  It was a good thing because the ceiling was only about 4 feet high.  I bumped my head many times and was getting cramps in my back and neck by the time we got out.  I couldn't make up my mind if he was just trying to scare us.  Anyway that mine had about 35 miles of tunnel and we just went in a portion to pull the waste material out of the mine. We hiked on to baldy town. 

Now the boys had been annoyed with the mini bears for a while now.  They had been tossing rocks at them and here Miles scored a direct hit.  The bear put up a dramatic show and died on the  spot.  The boys had big eyes.  We had a chance for showers here, but declined figuring we could smell no worse.  we left baldy town after being resupplied about 6 and got back to camp about 7:30.  On bed by 10, but everyone wanted to sleep in the next day.

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