Philmont Photos, July 2012

Day 8, 7/17/2012

Assistant Scoutmaster Eric Seaberg


Still have the burros.  8:22 leave.  Breezy earned his new name as travel behind him became frequently foul. We ran into Sean who helped teach our cope course at Head of Dean.  We ran into many crews with burros between head of dean and Miranda.  Got to Miranda about 12:30.  Storm clouds built again and it started lightning.  Miranda had a mountain man theme.  Black powder and  tomahawks were canceled for a while, but opened later.

Andy came back with troubling bullet holes in his hat.  Evidently he had used it as a target.  The trend continued that they would rather goof off with each other in camp than participate in program.  All excited to climb Baldy.  Wanted to make it by sunrise.  Ranger helped put that to rest.  

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