Philmont Photos, July 2012

Day 7, 7/16/2012

Assistant Scoutmaster Eric Seaberg


Boys still at a causal pace. 8:10 leave time for Ponil. Tres needed blistertreatment and Andy got a quality nose bleed.  We got to Ponil at 11:30.  Had a horse ride scheduled at 1, but decided to sign up for showers at 1 and cowboy action shooting at 3.  We set up camp and it started to cloud up and the lightning started.  It struck a ridge across the valley from us.  I saw the strike.  A couple of minutes  later Tres saw smoke.  He and Byron ran back to report it.  Soon we had trucks responding.  We were advised to pack up camp in case we were evacuated.  So we packed up and played  horseshoes.  The rain ended up helping put out the fire, but all of our activities were canceled.

Drank rootbeer in the cantina and checked out the store.  The chuckwagon dinner was great.  I had to help cook the chuckwagon breakfast with Jon.  We fryed up 300 sausages after getting up at 4:45 in the morning. we then got resupplied and reported to the corral to pick up the burro.

They had to learn a lot to properly pack a burro.  They also can only carry 50lbs.  We were assigned two burros.  They named them.  The good one was Ummm Numm.  The bad one got a name that was not very scout appropriate and was changed to reflect one of his other qualities,  Breezy.  Srikar really like to be near the burros, but not necessarily handle them.  Clay and carter picked then outand started leading them.  Miles quickly took over for Carter and Wendall worked on bending Breezy to his will.  Byron got a turn with breezy and the burro knew how to take care of him.  He would run ahead faster than Byroncould run.  Then he would cut him off and run of the trail to eat grass.  Ben did not fair well either and Breezy was loose for a while. Left 11:30 Got to Pueblano.  Started climbing spar poles.   Carter and Andy made it to the top before lightning shut us down. 

The boys played cards under the dining fly.  Clay's tendon feeling better and he was dreaming out loud about his refrigerator at home.  Srikar's cowboy bob in remission.  Forgot to feed the burros.   Saw the evening program.  It was great. 

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