Philmont Photos, July 2012

Day 6, 7/15/2012

Assistant Scoutmaster Eric Seaberg


This was our 12 mile day out of the Valle and back to Philmont.  We cooked a hot breakfast that was good, but delayed us.  Jon's filter clogged with the sediment from the creek.  Tres had become an expert at digging holes.  A cowboy came into our camp with his dog as we were about to leave.  Unexpected!  Had a good chat and left on our hike at 8:45. 

Byron navigating well.  Found a weak abandoned calf in the woods.  Also, a nighthawk played injured in front of us and Drew us away from its nest.  First time that I have seen a nighthawk on the ground.  Went a good way with water dwindling.  Made it to the windmill pumping water.  However,  we had to compete with variable winds and cows for the water.  Byron, "that's why we can't rely on  wind power"  The boys just wanted to rest and goof off, so we made a luxurious 2.5 hour break.  The Philmont gods approved as the sky clouded up with no rain and kept us cool and dry.  The last 5 miles would have been bad otherwise.

Srikar starting having cowboy Bob issues here.  Byron navigated us into two huge  fields of downed burned trees that we had to scramble through.  It was a massive area.  Reminded me of lord of the rings where they crossed the valley of devastation trying to avoid the eye of Saron  (baldy mountain).   Got into camp at 6.  camp site was not that great and had plenty of mini bears.  The boys set up traps,  but caught nothing.

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