Philmont Photos, July 2012

Day 5, 7/14/2012

Assistant Scoutmaster Eric Seaberg


Up at 5 left by 7:45.  Notice a trend?  Gave Milesa compass and map lesson.  He did a really good job navigating.  Meadow walking to Ring Place was awesome.  Jon kept saying it was like walking in a postcard.  The Valle is very nice.  We got resupplied at Ring Place and got a piece of fresh fruit!  Folks in a hurry to make the mountain biking at  Whiteman Vega.  Took off at a fast pace with some grumbles.  On the way, Andy stepped on a log with a rattlesnake inside.  He buzzed and those near scattered.  We saw lots of snakes under logs.  

We followed no trails here and spread out wide so as to not make a new one. There are also none of the Philmont amenities such as latrines and bear lines.  We got to Whiteman Vega in time for the 11am mountain biking, but was assigned the 2pm slot.  Carter started to do wash and I inquired if he was washing underwear.  He declined saying that "I have been wearing these for three days and I am quite comfortable with them."  Clay's tendon worse and skipped mountain biking.  I found a shady tree and took a nap.  Thunderstorms all around us.  But we only got a few sprinkles.  The boys at this point had gone pretty feral and were friends with the dirt.  After the sprinkles, Ben had a strange pattern on his arm.  I realized a few seconds later that they were clean spots from the rain.  The mountain biking lasted 2 hours.  We left Whiteman Vega about  5pm after getting a tour of their yurt.  This is a round structure that you might see on the plains of Mongolia.  The staff lives in these here for the summer.  Miles did another great job navigating.  On the way we saw another snake and a horned toad!  This was the first one I had ever seen.  McCrystal creek camp was ideal.  Grassy slope down to a creek with mountain views.  Made Mexican beef with rice and mixed in the onions I squirreled along in my pack.  The boys were loopy.  Ben says to Clay, "Everything seems funny to me.  Hey look those clouds, they look like  clouds."

Clay and Ben then rolled into balls laughing.  Pretty soon all of the boys were rolling on the ground.  This went on for at least 15 minutes.

We went to bed around 10.

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