Philmont Photos, July 2012

Day 4, 7/13/2012

Assistant Scoutmaster Eric Seaberg


Alarm went off at 5,  boys did not roll out of bed till 5:20.  Got off slow as Spencer was leaving us today.  Carter got his nosebleed and reluctantly accepted a piece of a tampon to plug it.  I should not have told him what it was.

Clay navigating today as we head into the Valle.  Have been told that because of the fire danger we must stock to the trails.  We overshot the cutoff to Seally canyon.  My GPS saved us, but we went a half mike the wrong way.  We were very tired upon reaching camp.  Mr Hirschfeld and Clay were in the worst shape.  Clay with his tendon and Wendall's muscles were shot.  There were a few others not far behind.  Saw a bear at a distance which quickly moved away.  Amazing number of cattle on the hike.  Boys enjoyed talking to them.  Program here was search and rescue.  Clay got to play the victim with a big wound with squirting blood.  Tres at the chaplain's aide was all to eager to give him his last rites.  We strapped him to a basket and carried him back while periodically topping him 90 degrees to allow him "vomit".

Claythen donned his suit and was riding a unicycle and played soccer.  Yes he had a hurt tendon.  The staff baked Andy a nice cake for his birthday.  It was delicious.  In bed by 9:45.  Were told we no longer needed to stay on the roads and so tomorrow would be cross country navigating.  

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