Philmont Photos, July 2012

Day 3, 7/12/2012

Assistant Scoutmaster Eric Seaberg


Up at 5am on trail by 7.  Hiked to Indian writings and did a couple of programs.  The first was to get a tour of the  petroglyphs.  very nice examples with explanations.  the second program was the addle addle.  If you hit one of the animal targets, you got a pudding cup.  Andy bagged a raccoonacorn,  and I got the bear in the kneecap.  The rest had fun with varying degrees of success.  Hiked on to old camp at a good pace.  Arrived by noon.  Spirits high during lunch.  Off to our conservation project at 2pm.  We got a safety lecture and training and were off to work on building a trail.  We were doing real work for a couple of hours and them it started to rain.  Big drops, some were slushy.  Tres did not take long to split the britches of his rain pants and riddle the backside with holes.  Finished up and headed back to camp for dinner.  Spencer and the boys have bonded well.

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