Philmont Photos, July 2012

Day 1, 7/10/2012

Assistant Scoutmaster Eric Seaberg

Injuries:  we did pretty well.  Several blisters, but nothing too serious.  Clay got tendonitis in his Achilles tendon that really slowed him up.  After day 3, he hiked in his regular shoes and everything ok.  Couple of nose bleeds for Andy and carter.  And one case of cowboy bob for Srikar.

Stopped in Amarillo and sent Clay into Petsmart to get a crew mascot.  He came out with a long legged blue bunny which was christened Socrates.  You will probably see him in the pictures.  I'm just glad he did not come back with a goldfish.


Base camp.  Fill out forms and get equipment.  Met our ranger, Spencer.  Only real problems were that Tres' epi-pen was expired and we had to bring the Philmont bear ropes.  3 of them.  One extra for the Valle Vidal.  Lots of meetings.  Saw incoming crews filthy and telling us how hard it was with wild looks on their faces.  Clay wore his brother's class A all day before finding his in the bottom of his pack.  Our ranger informed us that running was not allowed at Philmont, but skipping and frolicking were.  The boys quickly adapted to quickly frolicking between places.  Ask for a demonstration.  Went to opening campfire.  Carter got an American flag to carry for the crew.  He also got to star as he was selected to play the husband of one of the characters and escort get down the isle.

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