Camp Cris Dobbin Photos, June 2012

Day 7, 6/15/2012

Scoutmaster J.J. Jakubik

  1. Last day of camp.  

Breakfast was really hard waffles--continuing the downward slide.  Still, this camp food is about as good as it gets.  During breakfast, the staff sang Happy Birthday to Zane.  This time, it was really "Happy Birthday" but with a camp flair. Just before flags, Zach had a stomach issue and minor loss of breakfast.  We went to the med lodge.  Zach figured he was just a little homesick.  Charlie had a special medicine for that.  It's one that's designed to be sweet on the outside, like a Smarty, but he explained that if you don't swallow it pretty fast it turns bitter.  Zach was to take two.  He swallowed them down and Charlie assured him they would kick-in in about a half hour.  As Zach and I left to return to flags, he said to me, "Mr. J.J., I think they are a placebo." 

The boys finished the planned classes on Thursday, so Friday is a make-up day.  Those in Eagle Bound had a two-mile hike to search for signs of animals and plants.  They also had a short CPR demo to earn the CPR requirement for Swimming or First Aid (or both).  

A bunch of scouts headed out to earn the Chess merit badge because it was reported to be one you could earn in 20 minutes.  Unfortunately, lots of other scouts had the same idea and the camp had too few chess boards for everyone to play their required three games of chess.  Our back-up plan is to bring a bunch of chess boards to the video game lock-in to finish the badge there.

Meanwhile, other scouts went forth to make-up missing requirements or to finish some they had started at previous camps.  For example, Connor J headed to the Archery Range to finish that one (and he did).

Late morning, we had four scouts participate in a SCUBA Discovery class.  They spent an hour and a half getting familiar with SCUBA gear and trying it out in the pool.  Again, super cool!

We had picked up a sack lunch right after flags so after our morning adventures we came back to camp for lunch.  More advancement occurred as well as several card games.  Meanwhile, talk began to turn to planning a relay team for Coulter's run.  Coulter's run is a relay race from lodge to lodge where the runner performs some activity at the destination.  Alex and Mr. Gehm organized the participants.  The race started at 2pm, so we all went to our assigned starting spots and the race began.  Here's how it went down.

1) Mr. Deviney began the race by solo paddling a canoe out across the lake around a buoy and back.  The staff runner had an unfair head start.  Still, Mr. Deviney finished a very close second.  He's an excellent paddler!

2) London ran from the lake to the Horse Corral and roped a wooden steer.

3) Zach ran up hill from the Horse Corral to Nature then named three plants.  That's about 3/4 to a mile uphill the whole way.  By now several teams had passed us, but we were doing great!

4) Conor ran from Nature down to Hollywood then named the TV show that went with the song they played (the Smurfs).

5) Joseph T ran from Hollywood to HQ where he poured me a glass of water.  I chugged it, then he ran to tag Cade.

6) Cade ran to Scoutcraft and tied five knots: bowline, clove hitch, two half hitches, sheet bend and square knot.  Brent was cheering advice, but Cade didn't need it.

7) Joseph M ran to the Trading Post and picked up five pieces of trash.

8) Andrew R ran to Handicraft and stamped a piece of leather.

9) Alex ran to the Archery Range and had to shoot an arrow and score at least one point.  He did it on the second shot!

10) Henry ran to the Adventure Lodge and rode a mountain bike obstacle course.  Unfortunately, they gave him a bike with handlebars up to his head.  He fell twice, but finished the course strong by running the bike up the hill.

11) Ryan G ran to the pool and folded a flag fast and proper.

12) Finally, Jason Z was supposed to swim two lengths of the pool, but a lightning storm appeared on the horizon so they made him walk around the pool once.

We finished fourth not counting the staff who were disqualified due to extreme excellence and unfair college-level athleticism.  But, we did great!  The troop behind us was filled with 14 to 16 year olds.

The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing merit badges, packing personal belongings, playing cards and advancement.  London and Zane both completed their Tenderfoot SMC and Matthew Gernert finished his First Class SMC.  When we finish tabulating the results from Eagle Bound, I'm sure we'll have more ready for their SMC and BOR.  Way to go everybody!

Dinner was followed by a slide show that no one could see, followed by a campfire program filled with funny skits, songs, and awards from troops to staff.

Meanwhile several of the adults went back to camp and packed up the troop gear.  Thanks leaders!

Though we had our share of casualties, they were pretty minor.  Also, though there were of course some lapses of discipline, our scouts were very good in the grand scheme of things.  They are a great group of kids.  I am very proud of them and you should be too!


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