Camp Cris Dobbin Photos, June 2012

Day 6, 6/14/2012

Scoutmaster J.J. Jakubik


After the chaos of Wednesday night, we were left with most everyone sleeping in camp except for 1) Nick, Mrs. Kendzior and Mr. Maher, and 2) Conor O who was sleeping off his nausea in the medical lodge.  Mrs. Kendzior and Nick caught a little sleep.  The rest of us woke up normal time, had our hot chocolate, and went down for breakfast.  On the way there, I took our morning med crew to the med lodge for meds and to check on Conor.  Charlie the medic and I went back to the back room and woke him up.  He was sleeping hard, but he popped up feeling fine.  He gathered his stuff and we all went to breakfast.

After breakfast we got ready for classes. Nick rejoined the crew and everyone was off.

The Swimming Merit Badge crew was ecstatic to find the pool water was now 80 degrees!  Apparently the new boiler is working!  Until now, they wanted out of the pool as soon as they jumped in.  Now they didn't want to get out.  The boys did their full clothing test among other swimming challenges.

The quality of the food degraded a bit as the week went on.  If memory serves, Thursday night was baked chicken.  It was fine if you got a big piece.  The breasts were a good size but the drum sticks were tiny.  Those were short skinny birds.

On the casualty front, it was fairly quiet.  Hayden felt a little sick after dinner, but a quick trip to the med lodge helped and he was OK shortly after.

Thursday was a big day for birthdays.  At lunch, I had the camp counselors sing to Mr. Huang and Mr. Deviney.  The counselors sang "You've Lost That Loving Feeling".  Very funny.

After dinner, Brent and Mr. Bauries arranged a birthday party for Zane D whose birthday was Friday.  Mr. Bauries ordered a cake and ice cream and picked it up Thursday afternoon.  We had a private party in Gilwell Hall under the Dining Hall.  Very cool!

There was more advancement on Thursday.  Rhys, Henry, Hayden and Myles all passed their Tenderfoot Scoutmaster conferences and went on to complete their Boards of Review Thursday or Friday.  We're cranking out Tenderfeet!

Thursday night the camp had a Lake Party out by the lake.  A few went down there but most stayed in camp, either to just spend some time relaxing, doing SMC's or BOR's, or building shelters.  Since the wilderness survival crew were extracted from their shelters the night before, most of them were keen to finish the merit badge.  They plus a few additional scouts went into the back part of our camping area and built new shelters.  The area had plenty of dead wood and pine needles.  They all built really impressive structures.  One was big enough for five scouts!  I even fit into that one.  They learned to start by propping dead branches against a small tree, then continue propping branches from there to form an igloo-shaped structure.  They then progressively layered smaller branches on top of those and then finally covered the whole structure in pine needles.  Really neat!  We had at least a dozen scouts out sleeping in shelters they built: Ryan N, Everest, Michael, IV, Conor O, Jason, Matthew P, Brent, Joseph M, Henry, Zach, and probably a few more I can't think of.  Mr. Torelli laid out a tarp in a clearing back there and he, Joseph T and Nick slept in their sleeping bags out under the stars.

How great is that!!


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