Camp Cris Dobbin Photos, June 2012

Day 4, 6/12/2012

Scoutmaster J.J. Jakubik


Monday night was a little warmer than the previous night and we got organized and passed out Hot Nalgenes to all who wanted them.  Everyone slept better.

Tuesday was a bit smoother than Monday.  Scouts have mostly figured out where they are supposed to go and when.  Lots of new scouts were now perfecting their aim with their "redneck slings of doom" made the night before.  Matthew G bought more parachute cord and duct tape.  His tent buddy, Nick, made three more slings.  Life is good.

However, the pool is still cold.  Frigid actually.  Kendra Kendzior continued her class by practicing swamping boats in the lake.  Sounds cold right?  Nope. She assures me the lake is warmer than the pool.  I think it was Henry that explained to me that's because the pool is clear but the lake is dark.  Makes sense when you think about it.

More merit badge favorites.  Matthew G says Horsemanship is the best merit badge ever!  They saddle up and ride horses every day.  Andrew Y and Myles say they don't have a favorite.  (Maybe that means that they like them all?). Not many are fans of swimming as you can imagine.  Kyle C came to me Tuesday evening and asked if he had to stay in it.  I told him that everything in boy scouts is challenge by choice.  He's one of our smaller scouts and I'm sure that cold water just cuts him to the bone.  We went over to HQ to see what else might be free.  He decided to switch to First Aid and the HQ staff assured him that he ought to be able to finish it.  We swapped him.

Tuesday was also your Scoutmaster's first shower since arriving at camp.  I can't tell you how good it feels to take a hot shower and shave after three days of dust and sweat build-up.  The downside is that you become a "smellable".  Fortunately, by the time you get to bed you have a new start on the dust/sweat layer.  The fresh smell is gone.

We had another casualty.  Can you guess who?  Come on, I bet you can.  Yep, you're right.  It was Tres.  Poor guy leaves it all on the playing field.  This time it was a potential concussion--multiple actually.  It started in his Life Saving MB.  They were practicing throwing floats to a person in trouble and two scouts pegged him in the head with it.  This on top of the frigid water, some degree of dehydration and plain tiredness resulted in a loss of lunch and dizziness.  He went to the med lodge.

But wait, there's more!  After the med lodge visit, he rallied and went to his climbing class.  During a descent, his belayer failed to lock him off appropriately, he slipped down and hit his head on a rock.  Back to the med lodge he went.  They checked him out, then released him to us for observation.  Next was dinner, but he lost that too.  Long story short, his mother ended up taking him into the clinic in Parker.  They checked him out, deemed him tired and dehydrated, and he came back to camp to sleep it off.

We had pancakes for breakfast which were a little dry.  Hamburgers were on the menu for lunch.  Ryan R was a big fan.  Dinner was a step down: chicken sandwiches with genuine formed chicken patties.  Not the best meal at camp.

Tuesday night was "specials", various activities at each of the lodges.  Branding, Fear Factor (eating live mealy worms), rope ascension using prussics, an "ultimate blackjack" game at the archery range, and making music videos with a green screen among others.  The Totin' Chip was another special and those who had not yet earned it made sure they got it.  The Totin' Chip unlocks a magical world of pocket knives sold at the trading post.  New scouts are all buying knives and struggling not to get them out of their pockets in class.  This is an annual obsession for many and several collect them.  Henry has bought something like three or four.  (I'm sure glad we're not flying home.)

Tuesday night was predicted to be a little warmer, so we went to bed without Nalgenes.  I'm sure we'll survive.  Matthew S is not sure.


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