Camp Cris Dobbin Photos, June 2012

Day 3, 6/11/2012

Scoutmaster J.J. Jakubik


The first day of camp is always a bit crazy. No one knows where to go or when to be where. We're all getting settled in, understanding the rhythms of camp life and getting used to things.

The night was a cold one, but everyone seemed to fair well. Morning was hectic again. We've been assigned to first seating at meals, which means we have to be at the dining hall by 6:30. Joe Torelli clocked it at a half mile from our campsite to the dining hall, so we have to leave by 6:15 to get everyone there in time.

Meals are good. We had chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes Sunday evening. Scrambled eggs and bagels for breakfast. Beef tacos for lunch and spaghetti for dinner. Not bad.

Merit badge classes are new too. Rhys told me First Aid was his favorite. He really enjoyed it, but he did say he didn't think he'd enjoy it as much if it was real. Connor J says Photography is his favorite. The Eagle Bound crowd is having fun too. They have giant ropes to demonstrate knots and the scouts spend lots of time doing hands-on stuff.

For some the merit badge registration is only a suggestion--several got up to the line of scrimmage and audibled to a new schedule. Alex dropped Pottery and Photography in favor of Archery. Zack dropped Wilderness Survival, Swimming and Life Saving, moved E-Science to fifth period and added Canoeing and Communications. (Hmmm...His schedule is now strangely similar to Cade D.)

We've had no more casualties (that I'm aware of). Well, Tres sprained his ankle a bit but it's not serious (he seems fine now).

The pool heater is broken. The pool water is reported to be below 50 degrees. It was supposed to be fixed Monday afternoon, but it's not clear whether that has happened or not. The scouts in the Swimming merit badge did not get in the pool today. I expect they will get in the pool tomorrow.

Kendra Kendzior was not so lucky. One of the adult classes offered here is Aquatics Supervision. This is one step below BSA Lifeguard. Somehow I conned her into taking the course. It's a three day class and Monday's class was at the pool. Kendra had to do several mock rescues in the frigid pool. She's a real trooper. Tomorrow she jumps in the lake....

I'm lining up other activities for the adults--various training classes and events. Ricky Rodrigue signed up for the Scoutmaster Cook-off on Thursday. He's going to cook his world famous chicken and sausage gumbo!

Our evening was capped off when our Campsite host Patrick, aka "Blackjack", came to camp and taught us how to tie a "red-neck sling of doom" out of parachute cord and duct tape. Most of the scouts spent the evening making and practicing with them. They also played infection and then all went down to the dining hall for cracker barrel.

Since the night before was cold, most wanted a Hot Nalgene. Mr. Bauries heated up the water, filled up the Nalgenes and we all went off to bed.


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