Camp Cris Dobbin Photos, June 2012

Day 2, 6/10/2012

Scoutmaster J.J. Jakubik


We made it to camp! A little late but we made it!

We started this morning a little before 6am, got packed up, cleaned up our corner of the Kiva, and had a great breakfast. Thanks Mrs. Williams! One benefit of staying in Amarillo is that when you send Ed McKernan out for coffee, he comes back with Starbucks. Ed, I'll camp with you anytime.

We hit the road about 7:45 which was later than I had hoped. With rest stops and a great lunch (courtesy of Mrs. Williams again) we didn't arrive at camp until about 3:20. Tom Maher made some comment about us arriving on JJ-time. I can't argue. My friends in college used to call it J-time. I guess it's a pattern. Sigh.

Anyway, this put us slightly behind on check-ins and such, but the camp has been fabulous. Very welcoming and accommodating. But of course there are small issues. Brent B lost the lottery on merit badge wait lists and got dropped from two of his merit badge selections. He was able to find some other badges that are reasonable, but he wasn't happy. They also changed us to first seating at breakfast and dinner. This means we will wake earlier, but we should always be on time for flags (flag ceremony is between first and second seating).

Our med checks for all except those with medications was delayed until after flags, but Connor J couldn't wait so he tripped and did a face plant right after dinner. Our first casualty, and the first casualty for camp! Ever vigilant, Connor gives us the scout sign to show us he's going to make it.

So far everybody else is good. Their main complaint is that the troop bank was not open early enough. They can't wait to show their Totin' Chips and buy a pocket knife.

I'll write more tomorrow. Just to rub it in a little, here's a weather report. As I write this it's a balmy 82 degrees in Austin. Here it's 50 degrees heading to a low of 42. We'll be chilly in the morning but Mr. Bauries has the hot chocolate pot all ready to turn on when we wake up!


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